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We are the Premium photobooth rental service provider in Hyderabad tailoring our services to Corporates, Weddings and Birthday Parties

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Magic Mirror Photobooth

Want to Change any Event into Exciting , Fun packed Event ?
then look no further ,book our fabulous Magic Mirror Photobooth NOW !
photobooth, hashtag printing
Guests will have fun in signing their own creation and stamping emojis and Memes, which creates an enjoyable ,memorable and interactive experience
Photobooth,hashtag printer
Guests can instantly print High Definition photos as a sweet memory of your event and can share their photos on social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, E-mail,Whatsapp
We offer custom branding on photo print as per customer requirement. We can give you report of reach of your event on social media platforms
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How our Magic Mirror Photobooth Works?

Step 1 : Grab a Prop and Play a game

Selfiebox comes with theme based funny props.Guests can grab some props , and play some interactive games with photo booth and have some fun

Step 2: Strike a Pose

Photobooth,hashtag printer

and Follow the charming animations as they guide you to take an awesome photo and allows them to retake, till it make them happy.The best part here is to get compliments from Mirror if do it right !

Steps 3: Sign Your Creation

To make it even more fun guests have a palette of Emojis and Memes  to decorate their stunning photos.The most interesting thing is , they can have their Signature of the thier photo

Photobooth,hashtag printer

Step 4: Share and Print

Photobooth,hashtag printer

Selfiebox comes with a beautiful Social Sharing Station from where they can select their photos to print instantly and share it on social media platforms like facebook, twitter , instagram , E-mail and whatsapp. The best part here is there landing page of E-mail is branded with your logo and name

Hashtag Photobooth

Hashtag Printer

Branding Through Memories

Delight your guests as their Instagram and Twitter photos print instantly as branded momento from your event.This Hashtag Printer is the easiest and most organic way to promote your brand through #hashtag and spread through marketing your company, product or fundraiser
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How Our Hashtag Printer Works ?
Branded Overlays

Hidden benefit of the Hashtag Printing experience for brands is the customization options for the Twitter /Instagram prints.Apart from having people use a specific hashtag, brands can choose the look and style of their prints so that the physical memory users walk away with includes a marketing message, logo or design

hashtag printer
Simple Marketing
hashtag printer

With Hashtag Printer, the photo booth lives in peoples’ pockets.They enjoy luxury of taking photos, editing them , and using your event hastag. We are in charge of making sure they love their Instagram/Twitter Prints and keep spreading your brand’s message

About Us

We are Hyderabad’s First Interactive Photobooth Company

As a Start-Up, Selfiebox is committed to being the best at providing the awesome custom, social media integrated, photobooth savvy for corporate events, bithday parties, large social gatherings and film fares We at Selfiebox embrace innovative concepts, to provide mind-blowing experience to guests at all your special occasions

Our Mission

Is to deliver the “KiraK factor” , through our Top-Notch Technology and Supreme customer service, as our photobooth spice up your Special Event
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